Tetra medica fungistop

TETRA Medica FungiStop
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Instructions for Use
Manufacturer/pharmaceutical company: Tetra GmbH D-49304 Melle, Made in Germany
TetraMedica® FungiStop
Pharmaceutically effective component: Agent solution as supplement to aquarium water. Original
package contains 100ml.
Pharmaceutically effective components per 100ml of solution:
Silver colloid 0.240 g
Method of application: Fungal infections from, e.g. Achlya, Saprolegnia, etc.; Columnaris disease
and spawn fungal infections; bacterial mucous membrane infections; infectious wounds; safe healing
of wounds due to extensive protection of mucous membranes. Fields of application: white cotton
wool-like coating, fungus-like structures on the skin, infected wounds, skin inflammations.
Contraindications and side effects: Not known. The owner is requested to inform a veterinary
surgeon or pharmacist of any previously unknown side effects. The specialist dealer or manufacturer
should also be informed of the side effects.
Medication for tropical freshwater fish.
Dosage/Application: Measure the required amount using the dosage cap or the graduation lines on
the bottle (each line represents 10 ml) once on the first day of treatment.
In set-up aquaria:
Normal dosage: 5 ml per 20 l
With severe clinical picture: 5 ml per 10 l
In quarantine tanks: 5 ml per 20 l
(without biologically active filter and settings)
Shake well before use! Treatment last 5 days, beginning with a single dosage on day 1. The
medication is effective over the following 4 days. After the treatment cycle the water should be filtered
through active coal for 24 hours. After filtering, a further dosage can be applied. If an improvement is
not recognisable after 3 to 4 treatments, please consult your specialist dealer.
Information for correct use: During treatment, keep the aquarium well ventilated and do not use
absorbing filter media (active coal or artificial resin). UV clarifiers should be switched off. In general,
after completion of the treatment, we recommend a partial water change and filtering through active
coal to remove the agents. TetraMedica FungiStop is harmless to plants. Please do not use if
prawns are kept in the aquarium! The mode of action of TetraMedica FungiStop is based on a
principle of optimised active ingredients, which guarantees the targeted treatment of external
infections by fungi and bacteria and which promotes the healing of wounds. TetraMedica FungiStop
eliminates the source of fungal infection and reliably disinfects the aquarium water. It is necessary to
apply the normal dosage to prevent the spawn from becoming infected.
Do not use TetraMedica FungiStop in combination with other medications. Also, avoid use in
combination with water conditioners that bind heavy metals, since the effect of TetraMedica FungiStop
may be increased uncontrollably.
Special precautionary steps for storage: Protect from sunlight! Do not store at temperatures of
over 25°C!
Special warning: Medication for animals. Do not give to animals that are used in the
manufacture of food! Keep medication out of reach of children! Do not use medication after the
expiry date!
Package version from November 2005

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